March 19, 2024

Here Are 3 Bad Travel Habits It’s Time to Kick

By Deidre Heid

If you want to make the most out of your trips, I’m here to share a few bad travel habits it’s time to get rid of. Let’s get straight to it!

I’m proud to say I have finally kicked all three of these and I couldn’t be happier about it. Learn from my mistakes and quit these three habits:


1. Overpacking. It’s just not worth it. Figure out exactly what you’re wearing each day (down to shoes and jewelry) and don’t bring anything extra. You’ll be so glad you aren’t schlepping around a bunch of extra weight for nothing. Shoot, half the time I used to bring all these extra clothes and never even ended up wearing them! Make a list and stick to it!


2. Not splurging when you should. This is a habit that is easier to break once you’re out of your 20’s, when you’re earning a little more money and have more of an appreciation for convenience. It’s time to stop taking the longer flight with an extra stop just to save $82. And please start booking a hotel within walking distance to what you want to do because once you add up all the taxi or Uber rides, the pricier hotel in the better area makes so much more sense. Plus, think of all the time you’ll save on your trip if you are eliminating a bunch of car rides!


3. Arriving in a new country without their currency.  Imagine getting off the plane in a new country and not having to worry about finding a place to exchange money. Order your currency a week ahead of time through your bank and you’ll have one less thing to deal with when you arrive! Plus, your bank has less fees than an airport kiosk!


Have you experienced the joy of giving up these bad travel habits? If not, trust me- they’ve got to go! Happy travels and thanks for reading. I love helping you make epic travel a reality!