May 9, 2016

Is The Risk Of Pain Worth The Possibility Of The Reward?

By Deidre Heid

There are an unlimited number of times we reach a crossroads in life. This causes us to pause, reflect, and eventually make some type of decision.

One choice could lead to a comfortable and somewhat easier outcome, while the other might have a huge risk but would lead to a much bigger reward. These are probably the hardest types of decisions to make. How do you know if the risk is worth the reward? I’ve been asking myself that question lately.

The truth is, there’s some type of risk attached to every open door. Photo cred: BlueGenes Photography

It’s rare and somewhat shocking but it’s true that I have lived 29 years of life and have never been in love. Does this mean there is something wrong with me? Absolutely not. I have had moments where I believed that to be true, but I eventually got to a place where I knew that blaming myself would not do any good.

Over the past several months I stopped caring about the fact that I am almost thirty and still single. I don’t know how I stopped caring. I wish I knew so I could bottle it up and share it with all my single girlfriends who stress about this. It could have been the distraction of so many other exciting things in my life. (If you want to stop thinking about guys, maybe you should launch a blog and plan a business while still working your full time job and a part time side project! I think it works.)

After finally feeling 100% comfortable with myself, where I am and where I’m headed, I unexpectedly stumbled through a doorway which led to a rush of emotions that had been practically foreign to me before.

When you experience an instant and undeniable connection with someone, suddenly that becomes your main focus. It’s a feeling that can’t be changed based on someone’s opinion and it’s something that can’t be compared to any other scenario. It’s a one-of-a-kind emotion and I’m realizing that it’s actually quite unfair that I have spent 29 years of life without experiencing this.

But eventually, reality comes to the surface and you realize that life couldn’t possibly be that easy. No matter how perfect everything seems at the start, there are risks of pain and heartbreak down the road. But since I’ve never been in love, I have also never had a broken heart. So that leads me back to my original question. Is the risk of pain worth the possibility of the reward?

I think it might be.