May 16, 2016

The Single Girl’s Guide To Making Every Night Out Worth The Calories

By Deidre Heid

There have been countless instances where I have built up the anticipation of a big night out only to come home thinking it wasn’t even worth all the effort I put in or the liquid calories I consumed. I’m pretty positive I’m not alone here.


You CAN have as much fun as us. Trust me. Keep reading. Photo cred: Krissy Leigh Creative

I’ll run to the nearest boutique and panic shop for a new outfit. I’ll actually give myself over an hour to do my hair and makeup so my selfie game and Snapchats will undeniably be on point. I’ll daydream of Prince Charming spilling a drink on me and that leading to us living happily ever after with a cute story attached.

But over time I’ve realized that whenever you have this idea in your head that you are preparing for the best night of your life, you’re always setting yourself up for disappointment. Every night out doesn’t have to be over the top magical to make it worth the money, calories, and time you spend. Just follow these 3 simple guidelines:

1. Don’t go out with the expectation of meeting your husband.

We all want attractive men to approach us, but don’t make that the main focus of every night out. The reality of the situation is, out of twenty guys in a bar, only seven are probably single, maybe three of those seven would actually consider approaching a girl, and there might be one of those three who wants more than just a random hook up. The odds probably aren’t exactly in your favor. So if you always go out with the expectation of meeting your husband, you’re basically just setting yourself up for disappointment, feelings of rejection, and the inability to have fun with your girlfriends (which leads me to #2!)

2. Play a drinking game at the bar.

If your weekend nights always seem to be on repeat and you find yourself bored with the going out scene, don’t blame it on your city. Instead of wandering around crowded bars experiencing flashbacks from the previous 4 weekends, switch it up a little. I guarantee you nothing but laughs if you download the game Heads Up on someone’s iPhone and somehow incorporate drinking into it. Every time I’ve done this with my girlfriends, we are laughing so hard that people start to stare. Then strangers start to realize how much fun we’re having and try to join in. You’re destined to make new friends by playing this game at the bar. Those new friends will probably buy you drinks. You’re welcome. Moving on.

3. Don’t wear the most uncomfortable shoes you’ve ever owned just because they’re really cute.

It’s hard to focus on anything except your throbbing feet when you make a terrible shoe choice. You’ll be the friend who keeps complaining her feet hurt, desperately searching for a bar stool just to take a five minute break from your heels after the first hour of the night. Eventually, you’ll go home because your friends want to switch locations and you don’t feel like walking two blocks. What a waste. If you know there’s a possibility you’ll be out for several hours, please choose your shoes accordingly. You don’t want to be the friend dying of FOMO at brunch the next day while everyone shares stories of what happened after you went home. That sounds totally miz.

This list may be short, but it’s extremely important in order to make the most of your nights out as an incredibly fabulous single woman. I know this from plenty of experience. I’m expecting you to incorporate these guidelines into next weekend’s plans. You can thank me later. Oh, and be sure to let me know how it goes!