April 10, 2016

I’ve Got The Spins But Not From Drinking

By Deidre Heid

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve stumbled into my apartment at 3am, searching for ibuprofen and a glass of water before collapsing into bed with a full face of makeup, hoping the room would stop spinning long enough to fall asleep.

There was definitely a time in my life when losing a whole day to eating pizza, sleeping, and watching Netflix while feeling like complete shit was totally worth the fun I had the night before. Don’t worry, I’m not old and boring now, but I have really learned to cherish my Sundays. This requires me to wake up feeling like a million bucks after a Saturday night out, so one day I decided to step it back a couple notches.

Since then, I have realized that I still have the spins almost daily, but for a completely unrelated and much less miserable reason.

nashville skyline fringe dress bridge

Spinning for the right reason.   Photo cred: BlueGenes Photography

I wake up in the morning and plan posts for 8-12 social media accounts. I oversee a company that consists of four salons. I train and hire new stylists. I see about 21 clients per week to make them feel beautiful through a killer blowout.

I write guest blog posts and now my own. In the midst of all of this, I’m going through a four week business bootcamp to prepare to launch a little business idea of my own. So when I say I’ve got the spins, it’s because I am full of energy, excitement, and ideas for what my future holds.

There are sure to be obstacles along the way (I’ve already faced plenty) but that’s how you learn who you are and where you’re going. Doors are starting to open and I want to run through every single one. Because of this, my brain never shuts off and I’m always wishing for a few more hours in the day.

So what’s the exciting news?

About two months ago, I randomly submitted an article to one of my favorite websites, Thought Catalog and they published it here the very next day.

About 72 hours and over 600 shares later, they reached out and asked me to submit my personal story in 1000 words or less. That is the exact open door I went spinning through that inspired me to bring this blog to life.

I didn’t even think my journey to this point was worth telling until I let go of the distractions and really focused on where I came from and how I got to where I am today. Turns out, they thought my story needed to be shared.

I’m teaming up with Thought Catalog to celebrate the launch of this blog and my love for inspiring others! You can read my personal story a week from today when they publish it on their homepage and promote it across their social networks.

I’ve realized it’s not easy sharing your past mistakes, obstacles, and letdowns. But those are things that have led me to where I am right now. I’ll be sharing the link to my story in a blog right here when it goes live on Thought Catalog!

It is a little scary to think about my vulnerability being out there in the open for the world to read, but if it provides a little boost of motivation for even one person, it will be worth it. Thanks for joining me as I share real life stories, advice, and humor that will inspire you to live the life you dream of, despite the unavoidable obstacles. (Make sure you subscribe so you never miss a post!) After a long and crazy day, I’ll be right here…

l e f t  to  w r i t e.