May 16, 2016

The Single Girl’s Guide To Making Every Night Out Worth The Calories

There have been countless instances where I have built up the anticipation of a big night out only to come home thinking it wasn’t even worth all the effort I put in or the liquid calories I consumed. I’m pretty positive I’m not alone here. I’ll run to the nearest boutique and panic shop for a new outfit. I’ll actually give myself over an hour […]

May 9, 2016

Is The Risk Of Pain Worth The Possibility Of The Reward?

There are an unlimited number of times we reach a crossroads in life. This causes us to pause, reflect, and eventually make some type of decision. One choice could lead to a comfortable and somewhat easier outcome, while the other might have a huge risk but would lead to a much bigger reward. These are probably the hardest types of decisions to make. How do you know if […]

May 2, 2016

If You Want To Grow, Learn To Let Go

I’ve never been the domestic type. I own one sharp knife, one pot and one pan. I never put away my clean laundry and I’ve probably killed every plant I’ve ever owned. (I barely remember to feed myself lunch, much less pour a glass of water for my living home decor.) But just like most people, I’ve wasted time and energy watering a few weeds […]